10 de nos préférés et paniers sacs d'épicerie réutilisables

2019/6/16 18:14:14

Reusable Shopping Tote.jpg

Reusable Shopping Tote

Kate Spade New York knows that sustainability is always in style. This nylon tote is perfect for a trip to the farmers market or grocery store. This lightweight bag is not only super cute, but it's super easy to roll up and store in your purse. This bag may appear delicate, but it's able to carry more than you might expect on your next market visit.

Mesh Produce Bags.jpg

Mesh Produce Bags

No need for plastic bags to carry your produce. Go eco-friendly with fruits and vegetables too. Washable and durable mesh bags in three sizes are just right for trips to the market when you need to carry a bunch of bananas or several ears of corn. As a bonus, you can wash your fruits and veggies while they're still in the bag, then place the bags directly into the fridge.

Burlap Market Tote.jpg

Burlap Market Tote

Take to market a tote that is both sturdy and stylish. This good-looking bag is roomy and durable, able to carry home the milk, apples and eggs. The inside is lined with a plastic coating to keep any spills from leaking through the bag (yuck). Long handles make this tote easy to carry over your shoulder as you browse the stands at the weekend's farmers market.

Collapsible Shopping Box.jpg

Collapsible Shopping Box

More than a market bag, ReBagMe has created a set of reusable shopping boxes to take with you to the grocery store. These sturdy and eco-friendly boxes -- they have long handles, so really they are bags -- are strong enough to carry even very heavy loads of milk, orange juice cartons or liters of soda. This set includes three sizes of shopping bags that let you go green no matter how much (or little) you need to buy.

Baggu Reusable Bags.jpg

Baggu Reusable Bags

Baggu is eager for you to know that their charming reusable bags are for more than toting groceries home from the supermarket. Available in 20+ darling patterns, from white elephants to cherry blossoms, these bags can go with you wherever you go - and carry whatever you need to carry. Up to 30 pounds, that is. Uber-functional handles make these bags easy to carry in your hands or over your shoulder.

Collapsible Market Basket.jpg

Collapsible Market Basket

Why pick up a shopping basket at the entrance to the grocery store when you can bring your own? You'll avoid plastic bags and germs. This adorable - and collapsible - market basket has three inside pockets for your keys and cell phone, maybe even your sunglasses. A rugged aluminum frame and a rubber handle make this lightweight basket just right for picnics too.

Fruity Reusable Nylon Bags.jpg

Fruity Reusable Nylon Bags

This set of 12 fun, colorful and eco-friendly nylon shopping bags are just right for a trip to the farmers market. Each bag is stylishly decorated with fruit designs and each one folds up into a super cute drawstring bag that looks like that piece of fruit, from grapes to bananas. Even better, they're so adorable that your littles will want to help carry the groceries.

Jute Market Bag.jpg

Jute Market Bag

Similar to canvas, jute is used to create this modern and stylish market bag. This strong and sensible fabric is made from shiny vegetable fibers and has become a popular fabric for tote bags, rugs and drawstring backpacks. Give the organic nature of jute, it only makes sense to find it used in a sturdy tote for shopping at the market.

Patterned Nylon Grocery Bags.jpg

Patterned Nylon Grocery Bags

How cute are these reusable nylon grocery bags donning pink flamingos, flowering cactus or puppy paws and dog bones from BeeGreen? These stylish and eco-friendly no-rip totes are extra-large, able to hold two to three plastic bags worth of groceries. Pop these in the washer every so often, then fold them up to conveniently store them in your purse or in your car.

Insulated Grocery Bags.jpg

Insulated Grocery Bags

Reusable, zip-top shopping bags from Planet E let you go green and keep your groceries cool, which can be a real bonus in summer months. Made from recycled plastic products, these eco-friendly totes fold flat, making them a snap to store in your car in between trips to the market. Their large size also make them ideal when picking up larger grocery items, like frozen pizzas. These bags can even double as coolers on beach days.